Live an Inspirational Life

Many of us wait a lifetime to find meaning in what we do or why we’re here. Some never see it, others might ignore it. I have chosen not to wait.

In the recent past I day dreamed about traveling around the world, volunteering, teaching yoga, experiencing different cultures and taking pictures.  

This dream will soon to be a reality. On Wednesday, April 18th I will leave the U.S and all its comforts to get on a plane…many planes. My trip is scheduled to last a year without setting one foot on American soil.  

My main goal during this journey is to grow. I want to learn as much as possible about the world, its people, their languages, traditions and of course their food! I want to read carpets in Morocco, learn Kung Fu in China, dive in Australia and tango in Argentina.

I’m going to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, learn to speak Hindi and bike ride down the most dangerous highway in Bolivia. I will visit tribes, play with orphans and maybe even land a principal role in a Bollywood flick (you never know).

Please, join me in my journey of discovery, lessons and adventure. Click here to continue on to Rupees, Pesos & Bahts.