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Breaking the Law, Super Trees and Dinner on Orchard Road

We had just enough time (and money) for a quick visit to Singapore. Being on a budget and expecting just about everything to be expensive we decided to take the bus into town.

On our ride we drank water and ate snacks…not realizing we were braking the law…

I used hotel points to get us a fancy room on Orchard Road. Here’s our view.


Completely different than what we saw in Cambodia. I can’t describe the amount of culture shock Blake and I received.

When we asked the concierge for suggestions on how to spend our one full day he told us about three malls to check out. Yes, that wasn’t a typo…MALLS.

When we told him we actually wanted to do stuff and maybe learn about the culture he laughed and said all Singaporeans do is shop and eat. We were shocked.

Of course we avoided his recommendation and created our own plan for the day. We took the train out to Gardens by the Bay. It was nothing like we expected! It, just like everything else in Singapore was very modern. 


Under the Supertree Grove (shown above) we walked through multiple sections of the garden and saw different plants from all over the world. Each section showed us how most of the plants here are used and learned about their benefits.

After a couple of hours walking about in the heat we walked across the way to this…


Its a hotel, casino and mall all in one. Once we learned you needed a passport to enter the casino our visit there was over. We made our way to Little India for lunch. Blake’s favorite!

We ended our afternoon in an air conditioned movie theater with popcorn and sodas. Since we had a 3am wake up the next morning we called it a night after dinner on Orchard Road. 

Our visit to Singapore was brief but on my budget it was plenty…

A small fishing village on Koh Kut

One ruins it for all, Bangkok

Outside a Temple in Luang Prabang

Tad Sae waterfalls, Luang Prabang

Bags for sell, Luang Prabang night market

Kids play near the MeKong, Laos

A small village outside of Luang Prabang

Village Kids, Laos

Village women enjoy chewing tobacco, Laos

Many young girls in this small village take care of their younger siblings, Laos

A Grandpa sits with pride, Laos

I couldn’t get enough pictures of this boy’s smile!

Caged in, Laos

Luang Prabang Outdoor Market