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I’ve slept in hostels, hotels and a home made from earth.  I’ve enjoyed countless meals cooked off the side of dirt roads and other ‘questionable establishments’.  I’ve watched garbage burn, working girls flirt and street children sniff glue. 

I became comfortable sharing the road with goats, cows, monkeys and cars (all at the same time). Loosing electricity, taking cold showers and having layers of both sweat and dirt on me at all times is now normal. 

I’ve seen some of the world’s most amazing creatures on rooftops, beaches and in the wild. I’ve met incredible people with beautiful hearts and open doors. I was challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. 

During all these experiences I’ve gotten to know myself a bit more in the process.

Thank you Africa. I’m truly going to miss you!

Ngorongoro Crater

If you want to see it all the crater at Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the place to go. 

We saw all of the big five except for the Leopard. 

This safari made me feel like we were in Jurassic Park!

Blue Balled Monkey

I should be arrested, I know…

Tarangerie National Park

Masai Giraffe, Lake Mynara, Tanzania

Sunrise near Lake Mynara, Tanzania

Elephants, Pink Flamingos and a Curious Giraffe

A Giraffe watches a group of Elephants carefully before running off

Baby Elephants are always very close to their moms

Pink Flamingos cool down in Lake Mynara

A Masai Tribesman with his herd.